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West Chester Alumnus Bill Davis Returns to WCU to Install New GCMS


Bill Davis graduated from WCU with a B.S. in Chemistry in 1980. He was an intern at the PA Equine Toxicology and Research Laboratory (PETRL) in 1977 when it was located at Liberty Bell Race Track. The PETRL later moved to the first floor on Schmucker Science Center, the building that houses WCU's department of chemistry. Bill worked at the PETRL in Schmucker from 1978-1980 when he graduated. He has worked with Agilent Technologies (previously Hewlett-Packard) since 1989.

In Spring 2009, Bill returned to WCU to install the New Agilent GCMS that the chemistry department purchased using funds awarded to Dr. Usher by the WCU Technology Fund Grant. Bill installed the basic instrument and trained several WCU chemistry professors to use it. Later, when additional parts were donated by Agilent technologies to allow us to modify the configuration of the instrument to allow greater flexibility for its use in both reserach and teaching, Bill returned to complete the installation.