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West Chester University

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Dr. Jen Bacon
532 Main Hall
West Chester, PA 19383

Faculty Scholarship


In the spring of 2004, a scholarship was established that testifies to the English Department faculty's commitment to its students. Retired and current faculty donated and continue to donate funds to build an endowment for a scholarship for a deserving incoming English major.

Guidelines & Criteria

The English Department Faculty Scholarship will be awarded to an incoming student. This student can be a student new to college or can be a transfer student; however, the transfer students' applications must be complete by the spring admissions deadline so that their scholarship applications can be considered with those of the other students.

The recipient of the scholarship will be chosen by the Department Awards Committee or its designate(s). The Committee will weigh the students' applications, which will consist of an application form listing high school (and college, if applicable) GPA (proven by transcripts), SATs, and an approximately 5-page writing sample, either from a high school or college class, from a publication, or written especially for this scholarship. This writing sample will be used to judge the student's current ability as well as potential as an English major, and thus it should demonstrate critical ability as well as mastery of mechanics. We would prefer not to receive fiction and poetry.

The amount of the scholarship will be split over the two semesters of the student's first year. The recipient must maintain full-time status for the two semesters as well as a 3.0 GPA in the first semester to retain the scholarship for the second semester.

Summary of guidelines. An applicant for the scholarship must:

  1. be an incoming first year or transfer student
  2. be admitted to any English department major
  3. apply for financial aid (to indicate financial need)
  4. apply for the scholarship with scholarship application form
  5. show academic achievement: department will consider high school (and college, if applicable) GPA, SATs, and a short writing sample
  6. remain an English major while receiving scholarship
  7. maintain full-time student status over the two semesters of the scholarship
  8. attain 3.0 GPA in first semester to receive scholarship for the second semester.
  9. Apply.