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Composition and Rhetoric Courses

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+ = This course may be taken again for credit.

506 Critical Pedagogies and Literacies (3) This course introduces students to two complementary bodies of literature: critical literacy and critical pedagogy. Students will analyze the educational system's role in maintaining or challenging diverse values, policies, and interests. To do so, students will ask questions about what we teach, how we teach, who we teach, and who we are as teachers: questions designed to frame the educational system socially, politically, and institutionally.

+ 508 Writing Seminar (3) Experience in nonfiction prose writing; discussion and development of major projects.

594 Directed Studies in Composition and Rhetoric (3) Offers students systematic guidance and instruction in a specially formulated project involving scholarly or empirical research in composition.

595 Teaching Composition (3) A survey of developments and research in composition. Focus on the writing process, grading and evaluation, case approaches to writing assignments, writing across the curriculum, and remedial and developmental writing.

596 Composition and Rhetoric (3) Survey of rhetoric and composition theory. Frequent practice in writing.

597 Re-Writing the Teaching of Research: Theories and Practices (3) Drawing on recent theories of composition and literacy work, this course will consider a range of options for developing students' understanding of and ability in research and writing. It will emphasize connections among research in classroom projects, the seeking and wondering that play an important role in intellectual processes, and everyday issues of information sources and others' ideas.

600 Tutoring Composition (3) Theory and practice of teaching basic writing in the tutoring environment.

617 Writing Diverse Discourses in the Classroom (3) This course will take up theories and practices of cultural diversities in written classroom discourses. Reading assignments cover theories of representation and examples of classroom pedagogies and research, all of which offer various ways to think about diversity in the classroom and the rich, varied discourses that develop from it. Individual research and writing projects will utilize ethnographic and teacher research methods to look at issues of diversity in the written discourses of the classroom in which we participate as either teachers or students. Other writing assignments will include memoir and journal writing.

622 The Rhetorics of Masculinities and Men's Studies (3) This course introduces students to the literature, both theoretical and popular, that examines how males are represented in and socialized by contemporary language and culture. Students read, discuss, and write about a variety of written and visual texts concerning men's experiences and masculine identities, as they relate to both men and women.

626 Reading and Writing Asian-American Women (3) This course is a study of Asian American women in media and culture. Participants will explore the rhetorics and ideologies of race, gender, sexuality, and class  - particularly their discursive nature and social bases- and the inscriptions of Asian American women within and against dominant stereotypes- including those of the geisha, dragon lady, martial arts mistress, and the model minority- along with the meanings, accommodations, and resistances of the rhetorical figure of the Asian American woman.