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Creative Writing Courses & M.A. Essay

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+ = This course may be taken again for credit.

504 Methods and Materials of Publishing (3) This course is design to familiarize graduate students with the history of the book and to provide them with the opportunity to gain practical experience in book production.

+ 509 Writing Seminar in the Novel I (3) A course in the writing and preparing of book-length manuscripts (novels, novlla, and "nonfictional" novels) with the intention of submission for publication. Also includes coverage of fictional aspects and techniques used in writing memoirs, biography, and current history.

+ 510 Writing Seminar in the Novel II (3) A continuation of ENG 509.

+ 601 Creative Writing Seminar (3) A specialized writing seminar. Topics announced when offered. Longer prose works, short story, fantasy/science fiction, narrative verse, lyric/meditative verse, etc. A portfolio is required at the end of the course.

+ 602 Creative Writing: Directed Studies (3) A course of individual study for students who have completed two workshops in a single genre. Concentrated work in a special poetry or prose topic.

+ 605 Poetry Workshop I (3) Experience in writing various types of poetry: traditional forms, narrative, lyric/meditative, etc. Readings in traditional and contemporary poetry and poetics. A final portfolio required.

+ 606 Poetry Workshop II (3) Extended work in poetic forms with additional emphasis on contemporary poetry in translation. A critical paper on contemporary poetry and poetics and a completed portfolio are required.

+ 608 Short Story Workshop I (3) Techniques of composing the short story with emphasis on its elements of form: point of view, diction, characterization, and dialogue. Reading in traditional and contemporary criticism and short stories. Completed portfolio of revised works is required.

+ 609 Short Story Workshop II (3) Extended work in the short story form with opportunities for exploring more experimental forms of short fiction. Additional readings in short fiction and criticism. A critical paper on a contemporary short story writer is required.