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Graduate Program

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Dr. Jen Bacon
532 Main Hall
West Chester, PA 19383

Literature Track

Thesis Option
(33-36 semester hours)

The literature track is a flexible, year round program that offers a breadth of courses in American Literature, English Literature, World Literature, and Comparative Literature.  It allows students to strengthen their analytical and critical thinking so they can build upon their undergraduate coursework, improve their teaching of literature, or prepare for enrollment into a doctoral program.  The thesis option is recommended for students who want the experience of research and writing over an extended period of time (2-3 semesters) on a focused question or problem.  Although some doctoral programs value applicants who have completed a thesis, other prefer students with the broader knowledge that additional coursework provides.


Requirements (9-12 semester hours)

              1. ENG 500 The Discipline of English Studies

              2. ENG 501 Critical Theory

              3. ENG 620 M.A. Essay


Course Selection (9 semester hours)

              4. One course in literature before 1660

              5. One course in literature between 1660 and 1900

              6. One course in literature after 1900


Electives (15 semester hours)

              7. Four electives from any course in General Topics and Theory, American Literature, English                   Literature, Comparative Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, and Research and Special Topics         

              8. One free elective from any ENG course.  PAWLP courses may not be chosen.


Additional Requirements

              9. At least one course must be in American Literature

             10. At least one course must be in a non-canonical topic