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Literature Track Courses

Courses marked (E) are designated as fulfilling the "Early" requirement

  1. Genre: Courses in this category examine diverse forms of literary expression including: poetry, fiction, drama, memoir and autobiography, children's literature, film, creative non-fiction, letters, and reviews. Each course focuses exclusively on a specific genre.

    LIT 162, Lit of the Apocalypse
    LIT 220, Children's Lit
    LIT 269, Literature of Roguery
    LIT 271, Drama since 1970
    LIT 272, New Fiction
    LIT 274, Feminist Poetry
    LIT 302, Development of the American Novel
    LIT 305, Modern American Drama
    LIT 306, Modern American Novel
    LIT 307, Modern American Poetry
    LIT 332, English Drama to 1642 (E)
    LIT 338, Restoration and 18th-Century Drama (E)
    LIT 339, 18th-Century British Novel (E)
    LIT 341, 19th-Century British Novel
    LIT 343, Modern British Drama
    LIT 344, Modern British Novel
    LIT 345, Modern British Poetry
    LIT 365, Short Fiction
    LIT 352, Lit for Young Children
    LIT 398, Young Adult Lit
    CLS 201, Classical Mythology in the 20th Century
    CLS 304, Women and Film
    CLS 367, Comparative Mythology (E)
    CLS 361, Modern World Drama
    CLS 362, Modern World Fiction
    CLS 363, Soviet Literature and Film
    FLM 301, Documentary Film

  2. American Multi-Ethnic and World Literatures: Courses in this category examine global, continental, and diverse United States writing communities.

    LIT 202, African American Lit I (E)
    LIT 203, African American Lit II
    LIT 204, Black Women Writers of America
    LIT 205, Harlem Renaissance
    LIT 207, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (E)
    LIT 303, Introduction to Multi-Ethnic Literature
    LIT 304, American Jewish Novel
    LIT 309, Martin Luther King
    CLS 203, African Studies (E)
    CLS 225, Native American Lit
    CLS 297, Themes in Contemporary Literature
    CLS 351, African Literature
    CLS 365, African American Film

  3. Historical Contexts: Courses in this category address literary works and their cultural and historical contexts.

    LIT 200, American Lit I (E)
    LIT 201, American Lit II
    LIT 202, African American Lit I (E)
    LIT 250, Victorian Attitudes
    LIT 203, African American Lit II
    LIT 230, English Lit I (E)
    LIT 231, English Lit II
    LIT 300, Colonial & Revolutionary (E)
    LIT 329, Medieval Women's Culture (E)
    LIT 331, Chaucer (E)
    LIT 370, Urbanism and the Modern Imagination
    LIT 334, Milton (E)
    LIT 335, Shakespeare I (E)
    LIT 336, Shakespeare II (E)
    LIT 340, The Romantic Movement
    LIT 342, Victorian Lit
    LIT 337, Lit of the Enlightenment (E)
    LIT 364, Modern Irish Lit
    LIT 434, Renaissance Poetry and Prose (E)
    CLS 260, World Lit I (E)
    CLS 261, World Lit II
    CLS 258, Women's Lit I (E)
    CLS 259, Women's Lit II
    CLS 270, Life, Death, Disease
    CLS 352, Modernity/Post-Modernity
    CLS 368, Literature, Myth & Society (E)
    CLS 369, Literature and Film
    FLM 201, American Film
    FLM 202, American Themes