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The Department of English strongly encourages its BA majors to complete an internship. Completing¬† both on- and off-campus internships, our majors have gained experience in a wide range of fields. Such experiences demonstrate that it’s not what one can do with an English degree that’s the question, but what one can’t do!¬†

Our students’ internships have enabled them to perform editorial work and proofreading; write press releases; design newsletters, brochures, and web pages; create and conduct questionnaires; work in marketing campaigns, and participate in management training, among many other activities.

Recent organizational placements include Philadelphia-area publishers, local media, public-relations organizations, corporate groups, nationally-based volunteer organizations, sports organizations, and libraries. Each intern must meet with the department’s internship coordinator and complete an internship letter of agreement before pursuing an English internship.


Professor Judy Scheffler  (Professor Lynne Cooke is the interim coordinator for the Spring 2011 semester.)

Professor Eleanor Shevlin


A student seeking an English Department internship must be in the process of completing either a major or minor in the Department. The student will be permitted to undertake an internship under the supervision of the English Department when he or she has met the following requirements:

  1. An accumulation of least 80 semester hours;
  2. Completion of 12 semester hours in courses in the major or minor program
  3. A letter of application to the internship coordinator of the Department of English accompanied by a resume and two faculty references
  4. A meeting with his or her adviser to obtain information about internship eligibility

A student will be limited to 15 credit hours of internship credit. Anyone who wishes to take more than nine hours of internship credit in one semester must obtain approval from the Internship Coordinator after submitting an application and an academic transcript in the preceding semester. The Internship Coordinator will determine the number of credits to be earned during an internship by applying a ratio of 40 hours of work for each hour of academic credit (for example, a student who worked 120 hours would receive three credit hours). The internship credits for English majors are to be applied to the student/advisor-designed program (professional concentration, minor, or electives). Only under exceptional circumstances, and entirely at his or her discretion, will the Internship Coordinator consider applications from students not meeting the Departmental requirements. It is the student's responsibility to demonstrate that he or she has met the academic requirements for an internship.