Department of English

West Chester University

Contact Info
Dr. Jen Bacon
532 Main Hall
West Chester, PA 19383

Undergraduate Programs

The following undergraduate English degrees are offered:

English 400 class

As a general rule, students should complete the general education and language requirements as soon as possible before satisfying Departmental requirements and taking Departmental electives.

Requirements for the B.S. Ed. are especially rigid, so students in this program need to pay special attention to their program sequence. For students who entered the program prior to Fall 2007, please see your advisor for information regarding your degree requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Course requirements may change at any time; please keep in regular contact with your advisor and make sure the department can keep in contact with you by enrolling in the English Major D2L site, ensuring your email is current, and checking your email regularly. English majors, please see the following information:

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