Master of Arts in Geoscience

The Department of Geology and Astronomy offers a 36-credit Master of Arts degree in Geoscience designed for the professional development of geologists and precollege teachers. Students may also obtain Pennsylvania teaching certification in Earth and Space Science and/or General Science with the appropriate selection of courses. Employment and advancement opportunities for MA Geoscience graduates are excellent due to the hundreds of environmental firms, government agencies, and school districts within the greater Philadelphia area.

The Curriculum

All students complete a 10-credit core with the following courses: ESS 523 Field Geology, ESS 536 Environmental Geology, ESS 596 Earth Systems Science, and ESS 540 Geoscience Seminar. Students may select either the Earth Science Track designed for precollege teachers (requires ESS 503 Oceanography and ESS 570 Meteorology) or the Geology Track designed for working geologists (requires ESS 521 Geometrics and ESS 539 Hydrogeology). The remaining 20 credits may be fulfilled by electives, of which at least 11 must be ESS or SCE courses. The MA Geoscience degree requires completion of a non-thesis, final project that may involve primary research, a professional study, or a unit plan. Additional information may be found in the Graduate Catalog and MA Geoscience Advising Form.

Benefits of the Program

  • Evening, summer, and weekend courses
  • Designed for completion in two years
  • State-of-the-art equipment and facilities
  • Focus on enhancing knowledge and skills needed by geologists and science teachers
  • Meet and work with geologists and science teachers from throughout the greater Philadelphia area
  • Affordable tuition
  • Hundreds of alumni in the region employed as geologists and teachers

Admission Requirements

All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Completed application (apply at
  2. 4-year undergraduate degree
  3. Completion of the following prerequisites: ESS 101 Introduction to Geology; CHE and CRL 103 General Chemistry I and lab; PHY 130 General Physics; MAT 105 College Algebra; and MAT 121 Statistics I
  4. Undergraduate GPA of 2.8 or greater
  5. Three letters of recommendation

To Apply

Interested students should complete the online graduate studies application and follow the instructions for the self-managed application process.

For more information contact Dr. Joby Hilliker, MA Geoscience Program Coordinator, at or 610-436-2213.