The Department of Geology and Astronomy offers scholarships to students majoring in Geology and Earth and Space Science Education, to reward them for their outstanding academic achievements.

The Department offers two earth and space science undergraduate scholarships: the Sandra Pritchard Mather Scholarship and the Herbert Beller Geology Scholarship. Successful candidates will receive up to $1000. The scholarships are awarded to those who have shown true academic achievement, who can adequately provide a statement of their career goals, and show financial need. Preference is given to those students who have not previously received department scholarships and who demonstrate and articulate their strengths, objectives, and needs most effectively. The final awards are decided by majority vote of the department faculty.

Eligibility: Applicants must be currently-enrolled in either the B.S. Geoscience or B.S.Ed. Earth and Space Science program at West Chester University. Those interested must submit a completed application form to the department chairperson. Applications may be downloaded here.

Other undergraduate scholarship opportunities such as research assistantships in specific areas of geology, astronomy, meteorology or oceanography may be available as well. Please contact individual faculty members for more information.