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Department of History

Join us for the Graduate Studies Open House on October 7, 2015, 5:30-7:30, Sykes Ballrooms.

In the History Department, our students graduate as creative problem solvers, who can think imaginatively not only about the past, but about the world today. We teach marketable and transferable skills you will take well beyond the history classroom.

One of the most important abilities our history students learn is the skill of investigation—including the art of asking good questions that help define the problem at hand, research skills in identifying and understanding sources, and modes of analysis and interpretation that historians apply to our subject. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn the skill of effectively using evidence to draw conclusions.The ability to think critically and creatively about past events gives you the skills to help solve the problems we face in the future.

We encourage you to let the history major at West Chester surprise you. It is not the history classroom of 100 years ago. We’re eager to see where it takes you.