Department of History

West Chester University

404 Wayne Hall
Phone: 610-436-2201
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Departmental General Education Goals

All survey-level (and selected upper-level) courses of the Department of History are designed to complement West Chester University's goals to:

  • Develop effective communication by providing students opportunities to share their interpretations of the past in a wide variety of written and oral assignments. Students will be encouraged to become active participants in the class (Goal 1).
  • Develop critical thinking skills through reading and writing assignments and oral presentations. To provide opportunities for students to develop critical thinking skills as they work to answer historical questions on the basis of both primary and secondary sources (Goal 3).
  • Develop the sensibilities, understandings, and perspectives of a person educated in the liberal arts tradition by drawing on the humanities, social sciences, and other fields to help students understand the interconnectivity of ideas (Goal 4).