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Bachelor of Arts in History with Elective Social Studies Teacher Certification

West Chester is one of the few universities in the United States at which history professors instruct the teaching methods course and supervise the student-teaching experience. This insures the integration of academic content and teaching methodologies. The Bachelor of Arts in History with Elective Social Studies Teacher Certification program meets the certification criteria established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and the most recent standards set by the National Council for the Social Studies. On completing this program, graduates are able to apply to PDE for certification to teach all of the social studies in secondary schools. The Department of History provides a comprehensive guidance record sheet for all history students.

Degree Requirements: (120-132 semester hours)

  1. General Education Requirements -- 48 semester hours
  2. Foreign Language Requirement -- 0-12 semester hours (depending on initial placement level)
  3. Required History Core Courses -- 15 semester hours
    HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 151, HIS 152, and HIS 300
  4. Upper-level History Major Electives -- 24 semester hours
    • Primary Field (9 semester hours of courses in European, United States or World History*)
    • Two Secondary Fields (6 semester hours each of the fields not chosen as the primary field*)
    • Seminar (HIS 400) -- 3 semester hours
    • HIS 444 History of American Education is a required US history course for all social studies certification students.
  5. Social Science Core Requirements -- 15 semester hours (two courses may be counted toward meeting General Education requirements and three toward your history cognate requirements)
    ANT 102 or SOC 200, ECO 111 or 112, GEO 101 or 103, PSC 100, PSY 100
  6. Electives to complete at least 120 semester hours (33 semester hours of Professional Education courses*, some of which may be counted toward meeting General Education requirements)
    *Please note that many education courses which involve field experience in are schools require: a) FBI Criminal Background Check, b) PA Criminal Background Check, c) PA Child Abuse Clearance, and d) TB Test. These must be on file prior to taking those courses.
  7. Satisfy University and departmental requirements for Formal Admission to the Teacher Education program and student teaching
  8. Satisfy WCU and Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements for certification