The Philosophy Department at West Chester University

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Tenure-track Assistant Professor Position for August 2016

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Student Highlights

campus Marci IrwinPhilosophy B.A., '13

"When thinking about switching my major from Psychology to Philosophy I went through a back and fourth struggle of which one would be more useful when I step out into " the real world". What I came to discover and now appreciate every day is that Philosophy is an amazing foundation for literally any passion one desires to pursue." - Read More

Student Highlights

William Davis William DavisPhilosophy/Political Science, Honors College B.A., '13

"I didn't choose to study Philosophy; Philosophy chose me. I wanted to go to law school, and chose a different major to do so--but Philosophy has prepared me in ways I couldn't even imagine. Philosophy began the study of sciences, humanities, education...all of that comes from Philosophy. I love studying Philosophy because now I can do whatever I want, and I'm prepared for what the world (and law school) has to give me." –  Read More

Student Highlights

leaves Carl KorsnesPhilosophy/Political Science, Honors College B.A., '14

At the age of ten, Jostein Gaarder’s novel Sophie’s World introduced me to the history of philosophy. From that time on, I learned that there existed people who actually devoted their lives to search for answers to what many would call unanswerable questions. Earlier, I was usually discouraged to ask deeper so-called unanswerable questions: ”thinking such thoughts can make you mad,” I was told. After having read Gaarder’s novel, however, I was unstoppable. –  Read More

Student Highlights

Megan McCormick Megan McCormickPhilosophy B.A., '13

I’ve always been an insatiably inquisitive being concerned with the circumstances of existence and fascinated by human consciousness. I began my education at West Chester as an undeclared major, and throughout my struggle to choose a field of study, Philosophy was a discipline that I continuously held in the back of my mind. After much exploration and consideration, I decided to go ahead and commit to it. I must admit that I had my apprehensions. –  Read More

Student Highlights

Kevin Basl Kevin BaslB.A., '10

Choosing to major in philosophy is a life-changing decision. You will not walk away from college with the attitude that you merely fell into a major, got your degree and got out. You will be full of ideas and well-crafted opinions, all backed by a drive to enact positive change in whatever life or career path you choose to pursue.  –  Read More

Student Highlights

Dan MerolaPhilosophy B.A. '14

"My first encounter with philosophy was at West Chester. I sure never saw myself studying philosophy. I graduated today and studying philosophy was one of the best decisions I ever made. The professors in the philosophy department are all people to look up to. I have never had a bad experience with anyone in the philosophy department. Learning about philosophy helped me concentrate on the big picture and I'm proud that I'm not graduating with a cliché pencil-thin career goal." –  Read More

What is philosophy?

Philosophy may sound dauntingly remote from our daily concerns, but its basic questions "What can I know? What may I hope? What must I do?" actually pose themselves throughout any thinking person's journey. And the skills it teaches — close reading, careful thinking, and the critique of ideas — apply to most areas of human endeavor. A background in philosophy is thus excellent training for many careers, and matchless preparation for life itself.


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