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Dr. Dean Johnson, Coordinator
Anderson Hall, Room 108E
West Chester University
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Blogging for Peace

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“The human experience is such that, if I am deeply involved
in a struggle for democracy in the former Czechoslovakia,
or in Tiananmen Square, or in Johannesburg, or in Birmingham,
I am profoundly affected by it. The fact that a particular movement
may not “succeed”, does not mean that it has been wiped from my memory.
my life has been affected; I have tasted something very real. I have learned that
Certain possibilities for human relationships exist that I didn’t know about before.
The fact that people experienced these things is very palpable and profound ways
means that these truths now exist permanently in the universe. Energy does not go out
of existence. Truth is an energy that will find its manifestation and expression in some other way, in some other place, in other people.”

~Vincent Harding

"Nonviolent Change of Revolutionary Depth" in We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Centruty America



Conflict is something that everyone faces at one point in time or another, and therefore it is something that all must learn to manage. The Peace and Conflict Studies minor here at West Chester University is a wonderful way to learn about managing conflict and increasing peace. However, for those who want to learn more, the faculty at West Chester University has created a Peace and Conflict Blog. The blog will have articles, current faculty research, personal experiences, opinions and more! Students can learn from the research and experiences of this diverse faculty and possibly even see their professors in a whole new light. The Blog also has a comment section, giving students the opportunity to discuss and interact with the faculty in a whole new way!

Peace and Conflict Blog

If any current Peace and Conflict minor wishes to contribute to the Blog, please contact Dean Johnson at