Peace and Conflict Studies

West Chester University

Dr. Dean Johnson, Coordinator
Anderson Hall, Room 332A
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Student Highlights

Lily Kotansky

(Liberal Studies: Arts & Sciences; Honors College, 2012)

“For someone never completely comfortable with facing conflict, I surprised myself by diving headfirst into the Peace and Conflict Studies minor. Its interdisciplinary, praxis-based nature truly speaks to its real world functionality outside classroom walls. P&C studies reframed how I view and handle conflict. I ended my minor experience through organizing and facilitating the American Friends Service Committee’s Help Increase the Peace Program (HIP) on campus. HIP was a true culmination of lessons and skills learned (Active listening, negotiating, dialogue, social injustice…the list goes on!). Looking back, I believe P&C is the quintessential universal minor, for we all need to sit comfortably with and nonviolently approach conflict. I emerge from my studies empowered and confident in peaceful change in the world. Thank you to all the lovely faculty, staff and peers who helped me along the way!”

Kevin Mann

(Political Science: International Relations, B.A., 2013)

My favorite courses over the past four years have been my P&C classes. They clarified and enhanced my understanding of International Relations and the state of human affairs in general, and taught me how I can apply my education to the process of facilitating change in practical ways throughout the world. The program has been the most valuable part of my college experience, and . . . I have benefitted from it immensely. Thank you for an amazing experience, and I hope more students realize the value of your program.