Geography & Planning

Employment Opportunities

Graduates of Geography programs have a wide variety of careers open to them, but usually they do not have "Geographer" in the title. Examples include Planners, Spatial Analysts, Travel Consultants, Foresters, GIS Technicians, Project Directors, Transportation Specialists, Environmental Consultants, Demographers, Township Directors, and Mapping Professionals.

The Association of American Geographers has a page for jobs in geography, and the AAG site also provides information regarding employment and salary trends, sample jobs, career advice, and more.

Recent job postings:

Blair County Planning Commission is hiring a Community Planner and a Strategic Planner, both entry-level positions. As David W. McFarland, Director, explains: "Our office overall has three basic functions: 1) Regional Planning, both short- and long-term; 2) Transportation Planning (we are the Altoona MPO staff); and 3) Community Development Programming, such as CDBG, HOME, and such programs. The Community Planner position is an entry level planning position focusing on municipal assistance, project review, and occasional help with long-range, broad-scope planning projects. It is more along the lines of a typical entry-level planning position, and will be involved in the first function listed above, with a bit of dabbling possible in the others. The Strategic Planner is more involved in programmatic requirements, and developing plan and policy documents to support the administration of the various grant programs we administer. It is a bit more ‘back office’ than what many might expect from a planning job. It will focus primarily on the third function, with some dabbling in the other two." Posted 1/08/2015

Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Association is adding a new part-time position for a Project Coordinator at CRC, primarily to assist with habitat restoration projects. More information (including how to apply) is here. Posted 1/02/2015.

AKRF is looking to hire 2 entry level (0-2 years of experience) environmental scientists/environmental engineers to work on stream restoration, green infrastructure design and maintenance, flood mitigation, wetland mitigation, hydraulic modelling and other interesting assignments. The position would be initially based in Mt. Laurel with a probable move to our planned Center City Philadelphia location in the spring. Information on applying is here.