Economics and Finance

West Chester University

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Our programs' internship curricula, which enable students put theory into practice, have facilitated the entry of our students into the workplace upon graduation. Indeed, most of our students are either weighing job offers, or have already accepted a job offer in their final semesters. This is due to a combination of the quality of the business program at WCU as well as the academic and professional qualifications of our graduates, and which are well known by recruiters in Pennsylvania and Delaware States. Thus we have track record of providing recruiters with high quality entry-level employees in these regions.

Additionally, employers either arrange on-campus interviews through the university's Twardowski Career Development Center for our seniors who are in their final years or request for resumes directly from department professors.

The services usually provided by the Career Development Center include resume review, resume referral, career workshop, career fairs, career counseling, job placement, and arranging on-campus interviews. These services are provided free of charge to students, alumni and staff.

A partial list of companies that have hired our graduates and companies where some of our alumni are making a career is as follows:

  1. ITT Industries
  2. Merrill Lynch
  3. QVC
  4. First National Bank of Chester County
  5. The Vanguard Group
  6. Wilmington Trust Corporation