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Minor in International Business

Reflecting the growing globalization of commerce and the expansion in opportunities for international careers, the Management Department offers a minor in International Business to interested students. The international business minor requires 21 semester hours (see fact sheet) as follows:

  1. Required courses - 12 semester hours (INB 300-Introduction to International Business, INB 469-International Management Seminar, and two courses from the Department of Foreign Languages).
  2. Elective Courses - 9 semester hours. Students are also allowed to choose electives from a variety of related courses in areas such as Anthropology, Literature, Economics and Finance, Geography, History, and Political Science. Students can also select approved courses "culture cluster" courses offered by the Department of Foreign Languages.

Depending on the interests of the student, it might be appropriate to select a body of courses for the minor that pertain to a particular country or region of the world. This approach would allow a degree of specialization regarding that country or that geographic region. As one example, students who select courses related to the Spanish language might also take elective courses related to Spain or to Latin America.

Click here to view the International Business Minor Fact sheet.

For more information and advising on how to obtain a minor in International Business, please contact:
Gerard A. Callanan, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
Department of Management
School of Business
West Chester University of Pennsylvania
West Chester, PA 19383
(610) 436-2306