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Internship Syllabus

Available Courses:

There are 2 courses in the course catalog that students can use to earn internship credit. The number of credits earned generally depends on the number of hours that the student accrued under the internship experience. These are summarized as follows:

Course Internship Hours Internship Credits
MGT 483 180 3.0
MGT 486 360 6.0

Criteria for Internship Positions:

All internship positions must be directly relevant to management, and must involve tasks that are appropriate for individuals at the bachelor's degree level. Students wishing to undertake internships are advised to contact a Management faculty member to assist either with the selection of an area of concentration or placement for fieldwork.

In every case, the permission of a Management Instructor is required before any site or agency can be authorized for undertaking an internship. Click here to download a copy of the Management Internship Application.

Student's Internship Obligations:

The major written requirement for any of the internship courses is the field experience report. Apart from summarizing the internship experience, the report also provides a bridge between the applied nature of the internship position and the theoretical and substantive material obtained in the course work.

The report should follow the format described below:

  1. Description of Organization
    This section presents a description of the host organization's mission, physical description, structure and primary practices. All relevant information pertaining to the organization's operations should be summarized in case study format.
  2. Job Description
    This section should be used to describe completely the intern's role in the organization and how the intern's work was supervised. In other words, the report should explain how the intern provided services to the organization and what functions she/he performed during the internship.
  3. Evaluation
    This section discusses the connection between the relevant Management course work (i.e. either MGT 483 or MGT 486) and the internship experience. The report should explain how the internship has helped to prepare, or shape the future goals of, the student for future employment or educational pursuits.

    Additionally the evaluation section of the report should discuss the following issues:

    1. Personal perspective on any skills and knowledge acquired during the execution of assigned tasks.
    2. Areas for improvement, or any weaknesses identified in the implementation of the internship program.
    3. Finally, interns should have their supervisors prepare an evaluation of their performance. Click here to download the Field Placement Evaluation.