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To access previously approved CAPC proposals, general assembly agendas, and other CAPC materials, please visit the CAPC portal.

The Curriculum and Academic Policies Council (CAPC), serves two curricular purposes. One is to develop, revise, and recommend academic creation of new, existing or elimination of existing academic programs sent by faculty. The other is to develop, revise, and recommend academic policies. These purposes are carried out in a legislative assembly (comprised of elected faculty, elected or appointed students and administration) that recommends to the Academic Vice President and Provost curricular and academic policy matters. CAPC exists as a shared governance body, functioning under the authority of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the System, APSCUF, and the System Board of Governors.

An Executive Committee (CAPC Exec), comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Chair of the Academic Review Committee, Chair of the General Education Committee, Chair of the Graduate Programs and Policies Committee, Chair of the Undergraduate Policies Committee, Chair of the Undergraduate Programs Committee (UGPC), the Council on Professional Education (CPE) Facilitator, and the University Registrar, meet twice a month to discuss curriculum and policy issues, as well as to generate the agenda for the monthly meetings of the general assembly.

Click here for a complete list of CAPC members for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The 2014-2015 CAPC Exec Committee:




  Chair, CAPC

Jeffery Osgood

  Vice Chair, CAPC

Rodney Mader

  Recording Secretary, CAPC

Helen Schroepfer

  Chair, General Education Committee

Loretta Rieser-Danner

  Chair, Graduate Programs and Policies Committee

  (Associate Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies)

Lorraine Bernotsky

  Chair, Academic Review Committee

Susan Johnston

  Chair, Undergraduate Policies Committee

Jack Waber

  Chair, Undergraduate Programs Committee

Corinne Murphy

  Facilitator, Council on Professional Education  

Carol Smith

  Administrative Support

Andrea Grinwis


Course, program, and policy proposals are processed in the appropriate committee (list above), discussed at a meeting of the CAPC Executive Committee, and then brought before the General Assembly.

CAPC Members for the 2014-2015 Academic Year (by committee):

Academic Review Committee

 Susan Johnston   Chair (CAS)
  Mary Braz   (CAS)
  Nicole Cattano   (CHS)
  Brian Halsey   (CBPA)
  Vicki McGinley   (COE)
  Chris Penny   (COE)
  Simon Ruchti   (CAS)
  Heather Sharpe   (CVPA)
  Eleanor Shevlin   (CAS)
  Liz Staruch   Ad Hoc Committee Member (CVPA)


Course Delivery Subcommittee (formerly Distance Ed)



Course Review and Revalidation Subcommittee



Low Enrollment Subcommittee



Program Review Subcommittee



General Education Committee

  Loretta Rieser-Danner   Chair (CAS)
  Wayne Hanley   (CAS)
  Scott Heinerichs   (CHS)
  Tim Lutz   (CAS)
  Rodney Mader   (CAS)
  Lisa Ruchti   (CAS)
  Juliet Wunsch   (CVPA)
  Dean (ex-officio)    TBD


Distributive Areas Subcommittee



Diverse Communities Subcommittee



Interdisciplinary Subcommittee



Writing Emphasis Subcommittee



Graduate Programs and Policies Committee

  Lorraine Bernotsky   Chair (Associate Provost & Dean of Graduate Studies)
  Connie DiLucchio   (COE)
  Daniel Forbes   (CAS)
  Jackie Hodes   (COE)
  Dottie Ives-Dewey   (CBPA)
  Josh Auld   Ad Hoc Committee Member (CAS)
  Matin Katirai   Ad Hoc Committee Member (CBPA)
  Carol Smith   CPE Facilitator (ex-officio)
  Danielle Skaggs   Library (ex-officio)


Undergraduate Policies Committee

  Jack Waber   Chair (CAS)
  Neil Curtis   (CHS)
  Kevin Dean   (CAS)
  Jane Kenney   (COE)
  Adam Silverman   (CVPA)
  Christine Thomas   (CHS)
  Joseph Santivasci   Registrar (ex-officio)
  Judy Greenamyer   Special Asst. for Academic Policy (ex-officio)


Undergraduate Programs Committee

  Corinne Murphy   Chair (COE)
  Francis Atuahene   (Ed Development)
  Tim Brown   (CAS)
  Chistine Karpinski   (CHS)
  Rachel McMullin   (Library)
  Paul Rotenberry (proxy for Monica Zimmerman)   (CBPA)
  Andrew Sargent   (CAS)
  Helen Schroepfer   (CAS)
  Carol Smith   CPE Facilitator (ex-officio)
    Undergraduate student


Culture Cluster Subcommittee