Continuous Registration

All graduate students who have been admitted into a graduate program must maintain continuous registration each semester (except summer sessions), or must apply for a formal leave of absence. Graduate students who do not wish to register for formal course work, but who desire to maintain continuous enrollment, must register for GSR799, a noncredit registration category used to record the fact of continuous enrollment. Graduate students are not required to maintain matriculation during the summer sessions unless they intend to complete their final degree requirements during this period. With the approval of the graduate coordinator and the dean of graduate studies, a leave of absence may be granted for a minimum of one calendar year. Leave of absence forms may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education. A leave of absence does not extend the six-year time limit for completion of all degree requirements. Unless a graduate student maintains continuous enrollment or is granted a l eave of absence, he/she is ineligible to return until readmitted. A formal application for readmission must be completed and submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education. Forms are available in Graduate Studies and Extended Education.

The Office of Graduate Studies and Extended Education can be notified by either mail, fax, complete a scheduling card or send an e-mail to to register for GSR 799.