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Web Reports

  The following steps will guide you to a detailed report of TMA work order charges against your SAP cost centers, after they have been posted to the general ledger:  

  From the WCU homepage, click on…  
  Departments > Administrative > Facilities > Departments > Facilities Financial & Support Services > Chargeback Reports > View Reports.  
  You may receive a prompt to enter your user name and password. For user name, type in your full email address. For password, use the password you use to sign on to your pc each morning.  
  This will take you to a listing of cost centers. Click on the relevant cost center.  
  From here you can choose to see Work Order charges or Sales Order charges or Motor Pool charges.  
    o A work order is for work performed, including parts.  
    o A sales order is for items purchased through the Central Stores.  
    o Motor Pool is the rental charges for a university vehicle, monthly charges for an assigned vehicle or Fuel Card purchases.  
  You may choose to see this information in Word (.doc) or Excel (.xls). The Motor Pool report is a PDF only.  
  Then choose Open or Save…  
  The following is an example of the Word document you will see. The Total Charged amounts are:  
    o year-to-date thru the last TMA closing completed by Facilities (each month is typically closed by the third week of the following month  
    o work orders beginning with SS and PP are posted when the work is completed and the work order is closed by the technician  
    o work orders beginning with WW are posted every month because these are typically large projects that may take several months to complete  
    o you will need to add the following 3 general  ledger accounts to get the total shown below:  Labor and Benefits (820905), Supplies (820700) and Sales Orders (820600); occasionally you may see charges in Procurement Card Purch (660115) or Motor Pool (820400)  
  Notice that this report gives you a "task" description only. If you would like to see the actual work order for a complete description, you will need to take the following steps on iService Desk. Click on…
    Facilities Home > Submit Work Request > Building Administrators  
  You will receive a prompt to enter your user name and password. For user name, type in your first initial and last name (no spaces). For password, use the same password that you use to sign into iService desk.  
  You will now see the iService Desk. On the left hand side, key in the work order you would like to see and hit enter.  
  If you have any questions, please call Sue Miller @ x2442 or Joel Adams @ x2904 in Facilities Management.