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Classification of Sports Clubs

There are three classifications of our Sports Clubs. Every new sports club must register with SGA and Sports Club Council according to the classifications below.

Competitive Sport Club

A competitive sport club provides students the opportunity to compete at a higher level than intramural sports but not at the intercollegiate level or if no such intercollegiate team exists. There are scheduled tryouts, scheduled practices. They compete to actively pursue participation in registered extramural, regional, national, or open tournaments and competitions against other universities. Each sport club is governed by a National Governing Body (NGB) that develops standards of participation. The must also promote a balanced lifestyle of wellness and physical activity. Examples of our WCU competitive sports club are: men’s and women’s ice hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer; ski; ultimate frisbee; men’s rugby; women’s water polo; men’s roller hockey; equestrian; men’s wrestling; and tennis.

Instructional Sport Club

An instructional sport club may compete in a few tournaments per year, but the main focus of the sport club is to provide qualified instruction and advancement of specific skills and techniques. Instruction covers the necessary physical and mental safety prerequisites for participation, as well as strategy and rules. Instruction is provided for all levels of skill from beginner to advanced. Examples of our WCU instructional sports clubs are: bowling; equestrian; fencing; shotokan karate; and tae kwon do.

Recreational Sport Club

A recreational sport club provides interested students the opportunity to continue pursuing a recreational passion. Activities by this sports club are for fun and relaxation. There may be limited opportunities for some competition. Examples of our WCU recreational sports clubs are: bowling; outdoor; running; and snowboard.