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Meet The Trainers

Personal Training Staff.


Anthony Blubello

Hometown: Springfield, PA (Delaware County)
Major: Exercise Science with a concentration toward Physical Therapy and a Minor in Nutrition
Certifications: AAAI-ISMA Personal Training Certified, USA Weight Lifting Level One Sport Performance Certified and CPR Certified
Experience: I’ve had experience training high school football, rugby and ice hockey players. In their routines, I combined primal methods of training (such as flipping tractor tires, slamming sledge hammers and using kettle bells) with nuance theories involving speed training push/pull sleds and “battling Ropes”. I’ve also had experience writing workout routines and nutrition plans for friends and family.
Interests: I’m a huge family guy and always cherish my time with them. I love being involved on campus; I’m currently involved with the Exercise Science Club as President, Honors Student Association, Catholic Newman Center and LEAD as a Leadership Consultant. I also get amazing satisfaction in helping people whether it’s through community service or just little acts of kindness throughout the day. And when time allows for it, I make free motivational sport and fitness videos for MTMFitness, “Muscle Prodigy” and “Feel Good Coaching” on Youtube.
Career Goal: In the near future I plan on getting a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and ideally working with a collegian athletics program. Eventually, I hope to own a Sports Performance Gym that incorporates researched methods of Motivation and Mental Training in Sport. I believe in the mantra of Mind, Body and Spirit when it comes to the fitness realm.


Spencer Warfel

Hometown: Columbia, Pennsylvania
Major: Physical-Therapy
Certifications: CPR/AED and In-house Personal Training.
Experience: 12 years participation in various sports including basketball, swimming, football, baseball, cross country, track and field, and 6 years weight-training
Interests: Basketball, Strength and Conditioning, Rehabilitation
Career Goal: To obtain a Doctorate in Physical Therapy



Karine Thibault

Hometown: L’Orignal, Ontario, Canada
Major: Health & Physical Education BS Teaching Certificate
Certifications: Lifeguard first aid/CPR/AED, Water Safety Instructor, and In-house Personal Training.
Experience: Former Division 1 Ice Hockey Player at Minnesota State University Mankato
Interests: Exercising, watching sport teams (Ice Hockey and Football), and spending quality time with my close ones.
Career Goal: Elementary Health & Physical Education Teacher

Mike Pisani

Hometown: Whittier, CA
Major: Exercise Science with Nutrition Minor
Certifications: West Chester University In-House Personal Trainer
Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED
Experience: Over 5 years of weight training, played golf and football in high school, has done extensive research on strength and conditioning over the past 2 years.
Interests: Reading, Watching Movies, Playing Drums, Martial Arts, Golf.  My personal training interests include, Strength and Conditioning, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Kettlebell Training, Functional Movement Training, Suspension Training, Anaerobic and Metabolic Conditioning, and Sports Nutrition.
Career Goal: To become a Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Brian May

Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PA   
Major: Exercise Science: Pre-Chiropractic
Certifications: CPR/AED and In-house Personal Training.
Experience: Extensive exercise knowledge learned through West Chester University
Interests: Strength and Conditioning
Career Goal: To become a Doctor of Chiropractic


cory czachor

Hometown: Pottsville, PA
Major: Nutrition and Dietetics
Certifications: ISMA/AAAI (CPT), ACSM (CPT)
Experience:     Champs Fitness and Sports Center, Minersville Pa (CPT and Fitness Associate) Lock Haven University, Lock Haven PA (Practical Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning)
Interests: Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, Golf, Kickboxing, music, football, baseball, and much more.
Career Goals: To become C.S.C.S certified and work in an athletic environment that would directly correlate to sports performance.  In addition, I have aspirations to own, operate, and manage my own fitness and/or nutrition center which would help improve the quality of life within the community.