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The Schock Financial Aid Office

Factors Affecting Aid

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The Schock Financial Aid Office

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Fall Hours:
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Factors Affecting Aid

Academic Progress Problems

Your academic progress will be reviewed annually, after the spring semester. You must meet the requirements set forth by the agency (federal or state, private, institutional) offering you the aid. Should you fail to meet the requirements you may lose your financial aid from that source. Under some circumstance you may be appeal that action.

Please contact the Aid office regarding the Financial Aid Appeal process.

Enrollment Changes

Withdrawal from Courses

In the Case of a Withdrawal from a course, tuition is adjusted in accordance with the University's refund policy. Aid is also adjusted for the semester through the 60% period. After the 60% period, there will be no adjustments to your tuition and fees for the semester, and there will be, therefore, no adjustments in aid. Please be aware that changes in enrollment can affect financial aid for the semester and for academic progress in following semesters. For an explanation of the University's refund policy, contact the Bursars' office. The Financial Aid Office can help explain how enrollment changes may affect aid now and academic progress in the future.

Complete Withdrawal from the University

In the case of withdrawal from the University, tuition, fees, room and board charges are adjusted on a pro-rata basis in accordance with the University Refund policy. Financial Aid will be reviewed and adjusted in accordance with the federal government's Title IV refund policy. Notification of changes and any balance due will be sent to you. Students who have borrowed Perkins and/or Stafford funds must complete an exit counseling session with the Financial Aid Office. Information about this counseling requirement will be sent or e-mailed to you, or can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

Housing Status

The cost of housing is factored into the Cost of Attendance. Therefore, when the housing status changes from On-Campus/Off- Campus to Commuting the Cost of Attendance will also change. This may change certain awards in the student's financial aid package. Please report these changes to the financial aid office as soon as possible.


Over-awards can occur when students drop from full-time to three-quarter or half-time status, when housing is changed and aid eligibility is re-evaluated, or when there has been additional grant or scholarship aid awarded that affects total eligibility.

PHEAA Validation (State Grant)

PHEAA selects students for a process called Validation, in order to determine if the data provided on the FAFSA matches information from PA tax returns. Please comply with all requests from PHEAA promptly.

Professional Judgments Adjustments (Special Situations)

Financial Aid eligibility is based on a formula established by Congress that takes into account family income, certain assets and expenses that are required (taxes), necessary (basic living expenses) and related to earning income (employment-related expenses).

If you or your parents have experienced loss of income since reporting the FAFSA data, or if you have unusual circumstances that affect the ability to contribute money to the cost of your attendance at WCU (for example, high medical expenses), you may complete an Unusual Circumstance Worksheet in order to have your aid application reconsidered. This form may be used to address those situations. Please read the form carefully before submitting. For added insight please see our FAQs concerning this topic.

Title IV Verification

Verification is a process for confirming the accuracy of the information students and parents provide on the FAFSA. It is important that you respond to any and all request for documentation in a complete and timely fashion.