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West Chester University

25 University Avenue, Suite #030
West Chester, PA 19383
Phone: (610) 436-2627
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FAFSA Completion Workshop

Thank you for participating in West Chester University’s FAFSA Completion Workshop on February 22nd at 25 University Avenue, West Chester University from 9am to 12pm. Please remember to bring a calculator and any 2013/2012 W2s and tax documents you have (this is not a requirement since the FAFSA can be filed with estimated figures). Please complete the following registration form in order to help us prepare for the event. If you have questions about this form or the event, please feel free to email Tori Weigant at


It would be in your best interest to apply for the Federal Pin, for you and your parent, before attending the FAFSA workshop. Federal PINs are used by students and parents of dependent students to sign the FAFSA. If you and your parent have not already applied for a pin, please do so at Please bring your pin and your parent’s pin with you to the workshop.