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West Chester University

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West Chester, PA 19383
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Employer Policies - Recruiting

Thank you for your interest in hiring WCU students! In the interest of ensuring clear communications between employers, students, and the career center, as well as maximizing the efficiency of the recruiting process, we ask that all employers adhere to the following guidelines. Please also review the complete WCU Employer Recruiting Policies & Guidelines.

Eligible Recruiting Organizations
Employers hiring for college-level full-time positions or internships are eligible to participate via Ram Career Network. Third party recruiters, Multi-level Marketers are not eligible to participate, but can advertise their listings through other options.

Eligible employers may request an OCR schedule request via Ram Career Network. Schedule requests will be approved within 2 business days, in the order in which they are received.

Selecting Students to Interview
With Ram Career Network, there are detailed timeframes that guide the student selection process, based upon the type of interview schedule you create (e.g., Pre-select, Pre-select to Alternate).  EACH OCR job you post will have the corresponding series of deadline dates that you must follow for your interview date and schedule. 
Once the resume submission deadline has passed, employers should make their interview selections within two (2) days. A timely selection process is needed in order to finalize the schedule for the interview date required by the employer.

Interview packets (interview schedule and the candidate resumes) for the interview day can be accessed by employers through their Ram Career Network account three (3) days before the interview date.

Schedule Changes
For any changes to an interview schedule or date, we request that employers provide at least three (3) days’ notice before the interview date. Any changes after that may result in a new OCR date for the employer.

The Day of Your Interviews
We encourage interviewers to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the first interview; because of campus parking challenges we recommend you plan your travel to campus accordingly. If you would like the Career Development Center to provide you an interview packet, please notify us in advance.

Recruiters & Greeters
Please provide the names and contact information for all representatives coming to campus. This will help us provide parking passes and directions.  We request that employers bring no more than two greeters to accompany the interviewer(s); there may be two or three organizations recruiting on campus on a given date and we would like to accommodate all representatives comfortably and with minimal disruptions.

Job Offers
The Career Development Center requests that students be allowed sufficient time to carefully consider employment offers to make informed decisions; at minimum we request that students be given 3 weeks from the date of the offer to make a decision.

We request that employers inform us of any offers extended that must be withdrawn or significantly changed, as well as to inform us if any of our students renege on an acceptance of a job offer.

Facility Use
Interview and presentation facilities arranged by the Career Development Center are to be used solely to speak to students and alumni from West Chester University who are eligible for services from our office.

Weather Related Delays/Closing:

  • Please call (610) 436-1000 for updated weather related information. If there is a delayed opening for the University, the Career Center will open at the time indicated in the message. 
  • Please call (610) 436-2501 and leave the Career Center a message about your preference for the day—to cancel interviews or your approximate arrival time. Due to students living on campus as well as off campus, we cannot guarantee that all students will be able to make their interview time. We will contact you as soon as we are in the office.
  • In case of a University closing, no scheduled interviews will be held for that day. The Career Center will be contacting you to with options to interview the students at a later date.

For any questions regarding policies, feel free to contact Ms. Preeti Singh, Associate Director, at (610) 436-2501.