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Evaluating Job Offers

First of all, if you have received a job offer – congratulations! Receiving a job offer can be extremely exciting, the culmination of all of your hard work in applying to and interviewing for jobs. 

Resist the urge to say "YES!" instantly; always give yourself at least one night to think over a job offer. Before you say “YES!” be certain you have given careful consideration to the entire offer (not just the salary). In most cases you will be able to ask, "By what date do you need a decision from me?" and then you can use the time the employer gives you to evaluate the offer.

It is common to be given 1-2 weeks to make a decision as a college student, although some might want you to decide in the moment or by the next day.  Know that you can always respectfully ask for more time (e.g., "I am sure you understand that this is a major decision that I want to best evaluate. Out of respect for your need for a decision, may I have a couple of days to make a decision?"); but also know that most employers are not going to give you weeks and weeks to decide - sometimes it is just a couple of days.

Students may schedule an appointment in the career center to discuss individual circumstances and questions related to a job offer.