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On-Campus Recruiting: Overview & Timeline

Each semester employers come to campus to interview students for a variety of positions; these include full-time jobs for graduating students* as well as internships. Employment interviews begin as early as mid-September and end in late-April. Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to securing a job or internship. Good Luck! To prepare for interviews:

  1. Have an approved resume in your Ram Career Network account. You can upload an existing document or review the Resume & Cover Letter guides on the TCDC website for tips on organizing your resume. Resume reviews via Ram Career Network take two business days (excluding weekend and holidays).
  2. Log into your Ram Career Network account and click on the "OCR" tab to view on-campus recruiting postings. Starting on the first Monday in August and first Monday in January, you may begin to submit your resume for OCR positions.
  3. Work on updating your interview attire to prepare for fall interviews. For tips on the complete interview outfit, visit the Interviewing section of the TCDC website.
  4. Review interviewing resources, including common interview questions, on the Interviewing section of our website.
  5. Understand and follow all candidate expectations and policies to successfully participate in on-campus recruiting.

Timeline for On-Campus Recruiting:

  • On-campus Interviews dates for 2013-14 are September 18- November 22, 2013 (fall) and February 17-April 22, 2014 (spring).

  • Resume submission (application) deadlines are 12 days in advance of the employer's scheduled interview date.

  • The schedule is closed/finalized via Ram Career Network three days before the employer's arrival on campus.

  • Weekends and holidays are not counted in the 12 days in the resume submission deadline.

  • You may withdraw, decline, cancel or reschedule your interview status by logging into your Ram Career Network account until the schedule is closed.

  • Once the schedule is closed, any changes must be made by calling the TCDC at (610) 436-2501. Students are expected to be familiar with and follow the Cancellation Policy.


Interviewing Timeline Steps / Actions Important Notes:
Resume Submission Deadline  Option to Withdraw from Position Ends via RCN
Employer Selects Candidates  
Employer Selects Candidates  
Candidates Sign-up for Interviews Decline, Cancel, Reschedule begins via RCN
Candidates Sign-up for Interviews  
Candidates Sign-up for Interviews  
Candidates Sign-up for Interviews  
Candidates Sign-up for Interviews  
Schedule Closes Decline, Cancel, Reschedule ends via RCN
No changes via RCN   
No changes  via RCN  


*Alumni are eligible to participate in on-campus interviews up to a year after their graduation date. For example, May 2013 graduates will be eligible to participate in on-campus interviews in fall 2013 and spring 2014.