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Salary Information & Negotiation

When on the job search, most individuals are at some point interested in finding out what sort of compensation can be expected when pursuing a particular occupation. Prior to any interview, it is a good idea to do some research on the salary range for the type of position and geographic location of interest, to be best prepared for an interviewer’s questions about your expectations.

Compensation can take many forms, however salary is what most people think of first when researching compensation. Be certain to consider other forms of compensation, particularly benefits such as health care and retirement planning, before making a final decision about whether a position’s salary will meet your needs and expectations.

Common questions about compensation:

  • Where can I find information about starting salaries, as well as longer term salary expectations in a particular career field?
  • How do I respond to an employer’s request for a “salary history” in a job application? 
  • How do I negotiate compensation? 

The links below provide valuable information to get started with identifying salary information and negotiation strategies.  The Career Development Center has a resource room with a number of books and periodicals that also address these topics. To discuss your individual circumstances and questions, you may schedule an appointment in the career development center.

Salary Information Websites

How to Handle Requests for Salary History & Negotiation Tips