Department of Counseling
& Psychological Services

West Chester University

Julie Perone, Ph.D.
715 S. New Street
Commonwealth Hall Suite 60
West Chester, PA 19383
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Mission Statement

Welcome to the Department of Counseling & Psychological Services (The Counseling Center)

The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide enrolled students with a range of psychological services: brief psychological assessments through Triage, a short-term model of treatment when appropriate, access to a Counseling Center consulting psychiatrist (when referred internally) once the student has made a commitment to counseling, and/or referrals to other professionals in the field via our Case Manager. Services available to the University community include consultation services, crisis intervention, outreach programs, and referral services to outside mental health providers. West Chester University's Student Counseling Center is staffed with licensed psychologists as well as doctoral-level trainees to provide support, understanding and guidance to currently enrolled WCU students.

As you might expect, the transition to college can be an exciting but also stressful time. There are many facets to university life that might challenge a student, whether it's related to your academics, emotional challenges, career confusion, or social and relational concerns. While most everyone experiences challenges at one time or another, it's when the worry becomes overwhelming and impairs your ability to function that Counseling Center personnel can be of assistance.

Students who use the Counseling Center come from diverse backgrounds and are enrolled in a variety of academic programs. Both undergraduate and graduate students seek our services (individual or group) when they are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and general adjustment issues. The Counseling Center is inclusive and open to all currently enrolled students, embracing individuals from all walks of life. We value students in all their individuality and provide a supportive environment in which identity issues can be addressed.The Counseling Center faculty and staff work hard to provide a safe and confidential setting where students report feeling comfortable to share what's troubling them. The process of counseling is to understand your presenting problem(s) in the context of your life and work in a brief therapy model to help you resolve your issue(s). Students who are motivated to better understand the underpinnings of their problems and are invested in the process of therapeutic change resolve their issues and return to a higher level of functioning.


All services in the Counseling Center are confidential; this means we will not disclose information about your treatment to anyone who is not directly involved in your care without your written permission or as required by law. Information shared with a psychologist by a student during a therapy session is considered private and confidential. There are limited exceptions to confidentiality that are detailed in the Client Rights and Responsibilities form that is given to all students who utilize the Counseling Center services.  In addition, all psychologists and trainees in the Counseling Center abide by the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics.

WCU's Counseling Center has received Full Accreditation from the International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.