Student Health Services



Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS)


No judgment

  • BASICS is an individual, confidential conversation (usually 2 sessions) with a member of the Alcohol Education staff to talk about use of alcohol/drugs and develop a plan for reducing risks.
  • Conversation includes: typical alcohol use, information about alcohol/other drugs, self-evaluation of use, how your use compares to other students, and development of a personal plan for reducing risks associated with alcohol or drug use.
  • BASICS is open to any student who wants to discuss alcohol or drug use*. 

To make an appointment call Student Health Services and ask for a BASICS appointment.

Students who have attended BASICS have commented:

  • "My Basics instructor helped me out a lot and I think everyone should go through this training freshman year."
  • "The BASICS program was very informative and extremely well structured. I would
    recommend it to students even if they received no citation."
  • "Helpful to be able to talk about issues in a closed environment. Thanks."


*BASICS does not fulfill requirements for a DUI evaluation or class.