Student Health Services


Wellness Topics A–Z

* Indicates University Website


Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs Programs*:

Education and resources for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

A-Z topics at : The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services provides a collection of information on over 1,600 health topics.

Campus Recreation*:

Find out about campus intramural sports, sports clubs, open recreation facilities, special sporting events and outdoor adventures.

Changing Health Habits : is dedicated to helping you achieve your behavior change goals. Whether you're interested in stopping a behavior or beginning a healthy lifestyle.

Counseling Center*: Information on individual counseling, group couseling, and psychiatric services on campus.


Nutrition Services*: Information on nutrition, up to date information on classes, workshops special events and more!



Emergency Preparedness*:  Information on setting up a student emergency plan, tips to prepare for possible emergencies, and links to Public Safety’s preparedness page and the WCU campus alert system. 

WCU Group Fitness/Aerobics*:

The semester group fitness schedule at the Sykes Fitness Center. For only $20 for the semester or $35 for the year you can take as many classes a week as you want!

Half of Learn about the warning signs of depression, find help on your campus, and connect with others.


Symptom Checker: The Mayo Clinic provides this symptom checker for users. Use this guide to discover the most common causes of the most common symptoms. 

Sex, etc for Teens: Information about sexual health. Topics include: Male and Female Health, Love and Relationships, Birth Control, Relationships, STI’s and lots more. 

Sexual Health*: Information on sexual health, STI’s, how to get tested, how to protect yourself and more.

Strength of Us: Strength of Us is an online community that provides opportunities for you to connect with your peers and offer support, encouragement and advice and share your real world experiences.

Stress Management*: Learn what stress is, how it affects you and how you can manage it.

Travel Health*: Find out if your next vacation will require immunizations or medications before you travel.

Tobacco Cessation*: If you would like to quit smoking but need some help, this site can help. There are tips and resources available to help you.

U-Lifeline: ULifeline is an anonymous, confidential, online resource center for information on mental health and suicide prevention.


LGBTQA Campus Services*: Information, resources, and support for programming are available to members of the university and the community.

Meningitis on Campus (pdf)*: An overview of the meningitis vaccine, meningitis symptoms, modes of transmission and how it affects college students.


* Indicates University Website