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Campus Facilities: Usage and Reservation Policy

The Sykes Student Union Office, in 116 Sykes, is the starting point for all student organizations that plan to use University facilities for any of their group's activities, meetings, programs, or special events.

The following is an outline of the procedures for all space reservations:

  1. To begin to use the online room reservation system, please go to 25Live.collegenet.com/wcupa. We encourage you to use the Firefox web browser. If you must use Internet Explorer, you may have to follow the directions to add the site to compatability view.
    You may sign in to 25Live on the top right hand side of the screen using your network username (do not put @wcupa.edu at the end) and your network password.
    When you sign in, you will be on the “home” tab. This screen is customizable. We encourage you to “star” frequently used locations for quick access.
    To find a space for your event, you can use the “Find Available Locations” search in the middle of your home page. You can search either based on the time you would like your event to occur or the space where you would like your event to be held. Once you find a location or a time for your event, double click it, and the event wizard will open with that already selected.
    To request an event without using that search, click either “Create an Event” on your home screen or go to the event wizard tab at the top of the site. Fill out that request form in its entirety, and click “finish” at the end to submit your event for approval. There are multiple pages to the request form.
    Please note that until you receive an email confirming your event, your event and space have not yet been approved.
    A full user manual is available here: http://upk.wcupa.edu/upk/wcu/25Live/25Live/HTMLPages/index.html
  2. Once the reservation is submitted, the Sykes Student Union Office or the Office of Space Management will check campus space availability. If the space is available, a tentative reservation will be made. Space confirmations will be made via e-mail, generally within 48 hours. Reservations are confirmed on a space-available/program requirement basis, not first come, first served. Groups may not receive the specific space that was requested. Space reservations for standard meetings, not special events or programs, are limited to two hours per occurence.
  3. Depending on the specifics of your activity (i.e., location, support services, Public Safety coverage, and costs), you and your adviser may need to meet with the administrative staff of Sykes Union for further consultation. Policies relating specifically to your program will be discussed at this time.
  4. Access to facilities outside of Sykes requires the approval of other University officials. All space requests must be made through the 25Live and are tentative until a confirmation is received.
  5. A list of building administrators is available within the "Advertising Policy" section of the "Ram's Eye View Student Handbook,". Groups not adhering to this policy may be prohibited from using space on campus.
  6. Student organizations are expected to be aware of and adhere to all University policies while using campus facilities. A copy of a comprehensive program planning guide with all policies and procedures regulating students programs is available at http://www.wcupa.edu/)services/stu.syk/documents/programplanningguide.pdf.

Detailed policy information may be found on the Sykes Union website, http://www.wcupa.edu/_services/stu.syk/.