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West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Commercial Advertising and Sales

The University regulates commercial activity on its campus in order to promote an educational rather than a commercial atmosphere, to promote fire safety, to maintain its buildings and grounds, to provide security for its students and employees, to prevent commercial exploitation of students and employees, and to preserve residential tranquility. As a result, the University has established the following policies.

Commercial Advertising

Advertising through the use of signs and posters may be located on official University bulletin boards only and must be approved by the designated building administrator. The building administrator or residence hall administrator will base approval on community standards of taste, as well as fire safety standards and a concern for program disruption. Advertising depicting alcohol use, abuse, sale, or distribution is prohibited.

No signs or posters are permitted to be displayed on the University grounds including, but not limited to, trees, windows, doors, stairwells, restrooms, trash receptacles, and benches, nor placed on vehicles in University parking lots. Advertising signs and posters are, however, permitted on public kiosks and bulletin boards in the bus stop shelters. University community members wishing to sell personal items such as books, stereos, etc., may advertise on appropriate bulletin boards designated for this purpose by the particular building administrator.

Additional policies governing on-campus advertising by West Chester University student clubs and organizations can be found in the Activities section of this document. Unauthorized signs or posters will be removed immediately and legal action will be taken if necessary to prevent repeat offenses.

Civil and/or campus action may be taken against any persons or external organizations who violate the University's Advertising and Commercial Sales Policy.

To obtain approval for posting advertisements the following guidelines are in effect:

Academic/administrative buildings - approval for posting advertisements (signs/posters) is obtained through the building administrator for each respective building. A list of building administrators is available through the Office of Facilities Management (610-436-3200), or in the Activities section of this document.

Residence halls - approval for posting advertisements (signs/posters) is obtained through the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services (610-436-3307).

Commercial Sales

Selling on University property, other than the Sykes Student Union, the residence halls, and the University-owned apartment complexes, is not permitted, except in certain limited circumstances with authorization. Authorization may be obtained only through the vice president for administration and finance or designee. Authorization will be based on University needs for the items being sold, convenience of the University community, prevention of exploitation of students, and protection of rights of those granted exclusive arrangements. Separate policies governing sales and solicitation in the Sykes Student Union, the residence halls, and the University-owned apartment complexes also can be found in this book.

Fund-Raising Events

Fund-raising events conducted by officially recognized University organizations may take place with the written approval of the director of student leadership and involvement, the assistant vice president for student affairs, or the director of Sykes Student Union. Fund-raising events may not include the sale or advertisement of products that would compete with those covered by University exclusive agreements (for example, beverage products that would compete with the Pepsi-Cola line of beverages).