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West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

Religious Life Support

West Chester University understands that many of our students have spiritual needs that are extremely important to them, and our supportive partnership with numerous religious organizations emphasizes our belief that a student's spiritual life is an integral factor contribiting to his or her overall inntellectual and personal development. Periodically, members of our religious organizations gather together to talk about common issues, to learn about changes at the University, provide an opportunity for our religious groups to give feedback to the University, and serve as a resource group for the Univeraity on matters of a religious nature.

These gatherings, comprising representatives from campus religious student organizations, representatives from community denominations serving WCU students, and University administrators, serve as just one of many ways we provide support to the religious life community affiliated with our University.

In an effort to acquaint the University community with the many and varied religious services and programs offered both on and off campus, the Division of Student Affairs has developed a publication entitled "Religious Life Directory." It is our hope that the information contained in the directory will be of value to those seeking affiliation with a particular religious denomination and/or involvement with a religious student organization. The directory is available online in the Student Resources section of the Student Affairs website at www.wcupa.edu/_services/stu.

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