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West Chester University

West Chester University
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Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Division encourages students to become involved in campus life through social and educational programs, leadership and personal development opportunities, student organization membership, athletic and recreational activities, community service, and on-campus employment opportunities. Engagement in "life outside-of-the-classroom" is an important part of the overall college experience and complements the academic mission of the University. We take great pride in serving students in a variety of ways--defined by our common goal of graduation and student success. Throughout the division, you will find friendly, caring, and supportive professionals who are dedicated to helping our students succeed as we offer a wide array of co-curricular services, programs, and activities.

Offices and programs within the Student Affairs Division include Athletics; Campus recreation; Career Development Center; Counseling and Psychological Services; Fraternity & Sorority Life; Judicial Affairs and Student Assistance; LGBTQA Services; Multicultural Affairs; New Student Programs; Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services; Residence Life and Housing Services; Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs; Student Health Services; Student Leadership and Involvement; Sykes Student Union; Wellness Education; and Women's Center.

In addition, the following administrators help coordinate all Student Affairs programs and are excellent resources available to talk with students about campus issues and/or individual problems or concerns:

Vice President for Student Affairs:

The vice president for student affairs is responsible for the overall management and coordination of all programs and services within the Student Affairs Division. The vice president works very closely with senior managers on policy and program development issues, meets regularly with student leaders to address campus concerns, and serves as adviser to the Student Government Association. The vice president's office is located in 238 Sykes Union, 610-436-3301.

Assistant Vice Presidents for Student Affairs:

There are two assistant vice presidents for student affairs. The assistant vice presidents for student affairs provide supervision and leadership for their respective areas and work directly with their departments to enhance campus life. One assistant vice president for student affairs oversees the Career Development Center, Sykes Student Union, Office of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Office of Judicial Affairs and Student Assistance, with the office located in 238 Sykes Union, 610-436-3511. The second assistant vice president for student affairs oversees Residence Life and Housing Services, Food Services, New Student Programs, and the assistant dean of student involvement. The office is located in 202 Lawrence Center, 610-436-3306.

Assistant Dean of Students:

There are two assistant deans in the Division of Student Affairs. One assistant dean of students provides supervision, leadership, and support to the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services, the Women's Center, Wellness Education, and the Student Health Services, with the office located in Commonwealth Hall, 610-436-2509. The second assistant dean is responsible for the daily supervision and management of the Offices of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Leadership and Involvement, and Campus Recreation, with the office located in 202 Lawrence Center, 610-436-3307.