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West Chester University
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Challenge of Record Entry

The student is entitled to challenge and/or add to the factual basis of any record entry contained in records, files, and/or data. The purpose of this challenge is to ensure that such entries are not inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise contain inappropriate data. The challenge should be submitted in a timely manner to the appropriate University officer in whose area of responsibility the questioned material is kept. The University officer is authorized to rectify the entry and so notify the student without a hearing if such a course of action is warranted. The designated officer will provide the student with an opportunity to present both a verbal and written challenge to the questioned entry, and will determine whether or not the material is defective in a manner justifying its correction or removal from the records. The student's written statement of challenge will remain part of the record, regardless of the outcome of the challenge.

The student may appeal in writing an adverse decision to the next level of administrative authority.