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Roommate Matching – MyHousing

These are the steps you must follow in order to select another incoming student as a roommate.

  1. This process applies to the Traditional residence halls only.  Questions regarding roommate assignments for Allegheny, Brandywine, and Commonwealth Halls can be referred to:, or (610) 430-4988.
  2. If your “smoking” status needs to be updated, please change your status in the “Personal Preferences” area. 
  3. Changes can be made through June 30.  After June 30, roommate matching will be closed.


Detailed Instructions & Screen Shots Follow.

To Begin Roommate Matching, go to MyWCU and look for the MyHousing link under the personal information menu.  Click on that link.

This is the screen that you will see.


If you are choosing a roommate you will need to click on “Room Selection -> Roommate Selection”.  This screen will appear:


You can find your roommate request in the system by typing in their name or ID number.  Please add a zero to the beginning of their ID number.  Example “0123456’ NOT “123456”.  Note: Only other eligible incoming students will be eligible to be chosen. 

Type your roommate’s name and/or ID number in the spaces provided:

After you have entered your potential roommate’s information, you will see a screen that looks like this:


As you can see, there is a message that says that your roommate request doesn’t match. 

Now your roommate request (in this case, Bob Westchester) should log in to MyWCU and do the same thing, by selecting you.

“Bob” will see this message:

Your own overview screen will now include this information once you have chosen each other:

You and your roommate will each receive a confirmation e-mail after June 30


If you only know your roommate’s last name, and it is something common, like “Smith” you may see this screen:

We recommend that you use each other’s ID numbers to ensure you are matched with the correct person.

Roommates can only be chosen from other eligible incoming students.  Current students cannot be chosen through this site.