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Women with Disabilities

The Women's Center is dedicated to assisting all women. We hope that these local and national resources may be of assistance to women with disabilities.


Local Resources
National Resources

Learning and Assistance Resource Center (LARC)

West Chester University’s learning support program, housed within the Undergraduate Studies and Student Support Services (USSS), that provides tutoring, standardized test review, and workshops.

Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD)

West Chester University’s main source of support for students with learning and physical disabilities housed within the Undergraduate Studies and Student Support Services (USSS), that provides a range of support services based upon students’ individual needs.

Practice without Pressure

Delaware-based organization that offers support and practice sessions for people with disabilities who experience anxiety during medical and dental visits, and specializes in helping women with disabilities prepare for well-woman care and exams.

PCAR's Sexual Assault Against Persons Living with Disabilities Presentation

Joint presentation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) on prevalence and prevention on sexual assault among women with disabilities.

Villanova University College of Nursing's Health Promotion for Women with Disabilities

Resource guide on health issues including nutrition and pregnancy provided by the College of Nursing, plus links to additional resources.

Advocates for Youth

National youth empowerment and health advocacy organization with information on policies and sexual health resources for young people with disabilities, parents, families, and educators.

Breast Health Access for Women with Disabilities

Non-profit organization that provides breast health information, resources, direct services, and training for women with disabilities.

Center for Disability Information and Referral (CDIR)

Research institute at the University of Indiana - Bloomington that provides an information and resource library on disability issues, including sexuality.

Center for Research on Women with Disabilities (CROWD)

Research institute at the Baylor College of Medicine that provides publications, fact sheets, policy recommendations, and other resources on the health of women and girls with disabilities, especially around health disparities and barriers to care.

Center for Women Policy Studies/Barbara Waxman Fiduccia Papers on Women & Girls with Disabilities

National public policy and women’s advocacy organization that provides several white papers on disability and feminism, and inequalities experienced by women and girls with disabilities, including violence and abuse.

Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation

Nationally-focused foundation that offers educational assistance scholarships to women graduate students with disabilities.

Empowered Fe Fe's (Program of Access Living)

Female-identified support group for young women with disabilities and resources on violence, bullying, and sexuality.

Fulbright Scholarships

National, federally-funded scholarship and fellowship program that provides funding for student-designed research projects. Webinars for applicants with disabilities are available periodically.

Hesperian Foundation

Non-profit publishing company that provides free downloadable books for community health on an array of issues, including the Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities, which offers trans-cultural and accessible health information for women.

Mobile Women

Women’s empowerment and advocacy organization with support and resources for women with physical and multiple disabilities.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Position Paper on Women with Disabilities

Fact sheet and resources on domestic violence issues and women with disabilities.

National Organization for Women (NOW) Disability Rights Section

National feminist organization’s advocacy section on disability rights and issues for women with disabilities.

National Sexuality Resource Center

Sex-positive, non-profit advocacy and resource organization with articles, commentary, and opportunities for participation around sexuality and disability issues.

National Youth Leadership Network (NYLN)

Non-profit empowerment  and advocacy organization for young people with disabilities that focuses on engagement in public affairs, training, leadership development, and other opportunities for youth with disabilities to eliminate barriers to inclusion and social integration in the United States.

Sins Invalid

San Francisco-based political performance group that provides opportunities, education, and organizing around issues of disability and inclusion in society through artistic performance and social spaces, and focuses on the intersections of queer identity, disability, sexuality, and beauty issues.

Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS)

Information and resources on sexuality and sex education for young people with varying abilities.

The Riot!

Non-profit organization that supports young self-advocates and disability activists and offers leadership opportunities for young people with disabilities.

Through the Looking Glass

National research and advocacy organization that provides supports and resources for parents and grandparents with various disabilities and complex medical needs, and students who have parents or caregivers with disabilities.

Women, Disabled, Queer: Working Together for Our Sexuality Rights

A disability and sexual orientation awareness project of CREA, an international women’s, sexuality, and human rights organization.

Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD)/ Mobility International USA

International organization that provide support, advocacy, leadership, and development opportunities for people with disabilities, and holds periodic WILD meetings and conferences for women to convene on global issues impacting and among women and girls with disabilities.

Women Watch/Women with Disabilities

UN agency with information on global women’s rights affirmations as they relate to women and girls with disabilities.