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Town Gown

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Town-Gown Council is a group of interested students, Borough residents, WCU Administrators and staff, and West Chester Borough Officials who meet throughout the academic year to discuss and promote ways in which to foster positive relationships between the University and the Borough.

Over the years, this group has been instrumental in developing a host of programs and services to help long-term permanent residents and University students get to know each other as individuals and neighbors.  One of these programs is Adopt-a-Block where student organizations make a commitment to “clean-up” a designated block in the borough twice a year.  Although problems can arise when a large number of individuals live in close proximity to each other, the Town-Gown Council provides a forum for discussing issues in an open and honest fashion.  We encourage interested students and community members to become involved and be a part of the Council.  For more information please contact the Town-Gown Council chairpersons, Christina Brenner and/or Lynn Klingensmith.  Please click on the link to review the Town-Gown Minutes.



West Chester Wednesdays

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