Amigos! A partnership for education

Amigos a partnership for education
The objective of ¡Amigos! A Partnership for Education is to create, develop, and implement environmental education programs in the Peruvian Amazon as a basis for developing environmental awareness and sustainable use of natural resources. In addition, the program enhances cross-cultural understanding and learning through a series of interactive experiences among US and Peruvian teachers and students. The Program has these components:

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This Program was developed in an effort to promote and facilitate knowledge, conservation, and stewardship of the rainforest, and as a means of creating dynamic educational partnerships among US and Peruvian schools, businesses, and community organizations. ACEER has promoted environmental education in Peru since 1995. At that time the emphasis was on those teaching and learning in rural rainforest areas near the Napo and Amazon Rivers. In 1998, in partnership with the JASON Foundation, the ACEER expanded its programs to include the award winning JASON curriculum, which focused on interactive rainforest ecology conservation, and Internet training. Since then, the Foundation has expanded its efforts to include teachers and community members in the urban areas of Iquitos, Puerto Maldonado, and Pucallpa.To date, more than 1000 teachers have participated in ACEER Programs, which have received numerous commendations from Peruvian education officials.