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Dr. Mahmoud Amer
Acting Chair 2016-2017
224 Mitchell Hall
West Chester, PA 19383
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Professor: Dr. Mahmoud Amer


307 Mitchell Hall




The Department of Languages and Cultures offers the following courses in Arabic.


101 Modern Arabic I (Elementary) (3) Introduction to basic written and spoken Arabic language and culture; fundamentals of grammar and oral practice.

102 Modern Arabic II (Elementary) (3) Continuation of spoken and written Arabic for students who have completed the equivalent of ARB 101.


103 Intensive Elementary Arabic (6) Intensive introduction to modern standard Arabic, with emphasis on speaking, writing, and reading. Equivalent to ARB 101 and 102 combined.

201 Modern Arabic III (3) Continuation of ARB 102 to further develop the four language skills and comprehend key aspects of the Arab-speaking world.


202 Modern Arabic IV (Intermediate II) (3) Continuation of practice in comprehending spoken and written Arabic for practical application.

205 Intensive Intermediate Arabic (6) To enhance students' ability to read, discuss, and write on various contemporary topics. The course is equivalent to the competency level achieved in ARB 201 and 202.

301-302 Advanced Arabic (3 each) We also offer third year courses in Arabic.

411 seminar in Arabic