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Benvenuti al Club Italiano




If you are interested in Italian culture:



Email any of the officers or



Officers 2015-2016:

Officer Name Contact
President: Lorenzo Simpson
Vice President and Secretary: Alessandra Fonseca
Treasurer: Jared Montano

Italian Club Events

           Our events include weekly lunches to improve our Italian, monthly movies, monthly meals, holidays, trip to Carlino's in town, Little Italy trips, and a possible trip to Italy. We, the officers, need everyone's availability to determine what times are best for our events so please e-mail Daniela Ciceri

          For a trip to Little Italy in Philadelphia we will most likely be taking a train that usually costs around six dollars. We also could plan on going to Little Italy in New York City and we would take a train from Trenton, which usually costs around twenty-three dollars. We also would like to go to Italy, but that would take a large amount of fundraising on all of our behalf. So if you have any great fundraising ideas let us know!

          At the meeting we discussed the different committees in the Italian Club, which are fundraising, advertising, social events, and community service. If you have not yet signed up for a committee please do so.

If you have specific ideas, please contact us!  Grazie!