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The Center for Social & Economic Policy Research at West Chester University specializes in public opinion research. We provide up-to-date quantitative research, combining superior service with academic expertise.


 - To increase the accessibility of faculty resources to the West Chester community.
 - To provide opportunities for students and faculty to apply research skills by working with the community while also expanding their expertise.
 - To assist local economic efforts by providing expertise and support for conducting marketing and opinion surveys, evaluation studies, and other types of attitudinal research.
 - To provide a cost-effective source of research services for the West Chester community.
 - To enhance the quality of research activities through peer review and interdisciplinary cooperation exchange.
 - To provide the West Chester community with a locally based resource to assist in the economic development of the area.
 - To allow West Chester University to gain a measure of visibility in the business/industrial community through services provided by the Center.

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