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Applied Music

Dr.Christopher Hanning, Chair, 610-430-4178
Dr. Emily Bullock, Assistant Chair, 610-436-2653
Dr. Patricia Powell, Assistant Chair, 610-436-2536

West Chester University of Pennsylvania School of Music offers an outstanding opportunity in performance and musicianship through the Applied Music Department. Our superior performance and practice venues, 115 Steinways, Skinner, Teller and Walker organs, tech lab, and two new Roland Electronic Keyboard Labs... in concert with our outstanding faculty provide a great educational opportunity.

The faculty of the Applied Music Department have dual careers as both dedicated educators and professional musicians. You will have the tremendous opportunity to study with active and performing musicians who are dedicated to teaching. Whether your instrument be a keyboard, voice, or instrument - you will working with the best teachers in an environment that will support every aspect of your musical growth.

We support a wide variety of performance degrees, including a Bachelor of Music in Performance and Master of Music in Performance. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers at major institutions and to continue their music education. The School of Music has a heavy emphasis on performance and musicianship across all disciplines and the Applied Music Department is the centerpiece of this education. Applied Music faculty provide private lessons for all music students and are the directors for the wide variety of student ensembles.

I encourage students to stay in touch with their faculty advisor to keep their educational and career goals on track - and to get the most you can from the Applied Music Department.

Dr. Christopher Hanning
Chair of the Applied Music Department