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Recital Attendance Policy
The faculty of the School of Music believes that listening to live music is essential to training good musicians.  Therefore, as a part of your degree program, all SOM students who enter the program as a freshman are required to complete 6 semesters of recital attendance.  Transfer students will complete the specified number of semesters of recital attendance as indicated below. At least 3 semesters of recital attendance should be completed prior to earning 60 credit hours to ensure that the recital attendance requirements are met in time for graduation.

Transfer credits awarded

Semesters of recital attendance required















To complete one semester of recital attendance, students are required to attend 8 recitals distributed as follows:

  • 2 faculty recitals
  • 2 student recitals
  • 2 ensemble recitals
  • 2 recitals of your choice

Students should use the official SOM semester calendar of events to determine the recitals that can be used to satisfy this requirement.  A printed SOM calendar is also available at the beginning of each semester.

No Recital Attendance credit is earned by a student who performs in a recital. 

Concert Etiquette
As an audience member, you are part of the performance.  Your respect of the performers is shown through your silence during the music and your applause at the end of each composition. Performers as well as other audience members can be distracted by noises and movements.  Please act as an audience member as you would want an audience to act should you be on the stage yourself.

Please arrive 10 minutes early.  The faculty member will stop scanning student ID cards 5 minutes before the concert so as to be seated at this time. No exceptions.

Please turn off all cell phones, pagers and electronic devices prior to entering the performance venue.  Text messaging and phone use is not acceptable concert etiquette.  No flash photography except during applause.

If you are taking notes for a class, please sit near the back and be as quiet as possible.

Your applause shows not only your appreciation of the music, but for the effort of the performer.  It is appropriate to keep applauding until all solo and chamber ensemble performers are off the stage.  Larger ensembles and conductors will exit the stage after appropriate applause.   Should the performers return for a curtain call, you should consider continuing the applause until the performers have left the stage..

Do not enter or exit the hall during performances.

Any faculty member may excuse or dismiss anyone at any time for inappropriate behavior.

Recital Information
Performance opportunities may be available outside of regularly scheduled concerts and recitals.  Students may also elect to participate in Afternoon Recitals (Tuesdays at Noon and Thursdays at 3:00pm), Madeleine Wing Adler Concert Series (First Thursday of every month at Noon), Senior Recitals or Honors Recitals.  For more information about these performance opportunities, see your private lesson instructor.