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Robert Maggio

Robert Maggio

Professor - Music Theory and Composition
Chairperson of the Music Theory and Composition Department

Room 330, Swope Music Building
Phone: 610-436-2646
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M.A., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
B.A. (Music), Yale University

Thoughts on SOM

The School of Music is a dynamic and creative environment. As a composer and a professor, I'm inspired by all the amazing colleagues and students I interact with on a daily basis, whether it be in the classroom (teaching composition and theory) or at ensemble concerts and recitals. I have always enjoyed coming to "work" because it has always felt like an advanced form of "play," which is to say that I feel lucky that my job is to spend my day doing things that I enjoy and care about deeply in a place where the students and my fellow teachers are similarly engaged and enthusiastic about their shared passion-music.

Mission at SOM

As a composition and theory teacher, my mission is to best prepare my students for a professional career in music. Many of our composition and theory students have gone on to graduate study at some of the best schools in the country. From there, they have been able to secure college-level teaching jobs, receive commissions for new works from all kinds of ensembles, and live happy and productive lives in the professional world.

Curriculum Vitae

Robert Maggio's music has been performed by the Boston Pops, Philadelphia Orchestra, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Oakland East Bay Symphony, Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, New York Festival of Song, Meridian Arts Ensemble, Detroit Chamber Winds, Orchestra 2001, New York Youth Symphony, Choral Arts Society of Philadelphia, and the Network for New Music. He has composed music for the Pennsylvania Ballet, Philadelphia Theater Company, People's Light and Theater Company, Yale Repertory Theater, Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Philadelphia Drama Guild, American Dance Festival, Randy James Dance Works, Stephen Pelton Dance Theater, and choreographer Leah Stein.

Professor Maggio's chamber music is recorded on the CRI and Albany Records label: Seven Mad Gods (1996), Riddles (2001), River Song (2003) and The Wishing Tree (2004). His vocal/choral, chamber, band, and orchestral music is published by Theodore Presser Co., King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Maggio has received fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Pew Fellowships in the Arts, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Meet the Composer, ASCAP, and BMI. He is currently a member of the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop.

List of Works

* Published by Theodore Presser Company


Surfarar for trumpet, piano and string quartet (8')
Into the Light for TTBB chorus, violin, trumpet, piano and percussion (6')
Jackson Sounds for two cellos ('25)

Touching Heaven for flute and percussion (20')
Sicilian Songs for violin and piano (15')

Summer: 2 AM for soprano and orchestra (20')

Glass Ceiling for wind ensemble (6')
Three in One: variation on Diabelli Theme for chamber ensemble (2')

Rain and Ash (String Quartet No. 2) (20'
Color and Light for orchestra (8’)
Into the Light for SATB chorus, percussion & piano (6’)

On the shore for soprano and piano (3’)
A Sense of Space for brass quintet (10’)
Lucy Lost Her Laugh for narrator and chamber ensemble (5’)
Psalm 100 for mezzo soprano, SATB choir and organ (or orchestra) (5’)
Trumpet Concerto (In Memory) for trumpet and piano (16’)
Der Haahne Greht (Seven Pennsylvania Dutch Songs) for SA chorus and piano (12’)

The Voice of the Rain for SATB chorus, two pianos and percussion. (6')
The Century Garden for orchestra. (15')
The Rubberers, a musical, 3 men (TTB), 3 women (SAA) & piano. (14')
Open Road for TTBB chorus, string quartet, piano and percussion. (12') 

Vibrate for string quintet (8')

I Hear America Singing for SATB choir (5')
The Court of the Lone White Pine for SATB choir, piano and cello (5')
Dream Lofty Dreams for SATB choir (5')
Dos Visiones
for orchestra (20')

Light to Thousands: The Ballad of Galvez for tenor and chamber orchestra (6’)
Boardwalk for orchestra (5’)
Quilt Panels: for my love, for my grief, for my letting go SATB choir and symphonic band (40’)
Three Poems of H. L. Hix for baritone and piano (7’)
Find Joy for 2-part treble choir and SATB choir (4’)

Songs from the Wood for marimba (12’)
Le Travail a ballet for orchestra (25’)
My Home in the Horizon for orchestra (9’)
Rachel and her Children — Small Hands, Relinquish All for mezzo soprano soloist, children’s chorus, SATB choir, and wind orchestra (36’)

Ecology for baritone, bass clarinet, piano, violin, and contrabass (4')
Strange Creatures for unison children’s chorus (6')
Songbook for Annamaria for string quartet (20')
Brandywine Overture for concert band (5')

Forgiving Our Fathers for baritone and piano (20')
Dreams from Childhood for piano four-hands (10')
Invisible Soundtrack (Hero) for concert band (5')
for orchestra (8')
South Mountain Echoes for concert band (15')

Voyager for wind ensemble (8')
The Wishing Tree for SATB choir (10')
Riddle for clarinet, violin, and piano (12')
Divide for horn and piano (8')
From Earth to the Moon for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion
Part One: Beautiful Dreamers (Variations) (5')
Part Two: Earth/Sky (Chaconne) (8')
Part Three: Travel Memory (Episodes) (20')
Part Four: Blue Orbits (8')

Psychedelic Circus for wind ensemble (8')
Aristotle for SATB choir (6')
Phoenix for two flutes (8')

Jacklight for SATB choir (12')
Big Top for orchestra (12')
America Songbook
Part One: Piano Rags for solo piano (20')
Part Two: Workaday Blues for saxophone quartet (20')
Part Three: The Unknown Road for violin, viola, piano, bass drum (20')
Traveling Songs for flute and guitar (8')

River Song for 2 ob., 2 cl., 2 hn., 2 bsn. (13')
Revolver for brass quintet and drums (17')
Internal Rhythms
for percussion octet (15')
The Laurel Tree for two flutes and piano (20')
The Death of the Moth (after Virginia Woolf) for solo violin (10')

Men at Dusk four songs for baritone, viola and piano (14')
Variations: My Native Land (after Charles Ives) for solo guitar (17')
Vol d'Oiseau for cello, piano, and two percussionists (20')
Waltzes for the Dayroom for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (20')

Barcarole (seven mad gods who rule the sea) for vn., vc., pno. and perc. (20')
Elysian Fields for solo flute (7' )
Tributary Streams for alto saxophone, piano, bass and percussion (21')

Two Quartets (desire, movement, love, stillness) for 2 fl. and 2 vc. (20')
Eclipse for mixed chorus and trombone (5')
Four Men at the Door Today three songs for sopr., alto, ten., bass and piano (7')
Light and Truth for brass choir and percussion (12')
Winter Toccata (I can't believe you want to die) for solo cello (20')

Distortion of Reality: MIDI Violin Music I for electric MIDI violin (8')
Voices for 2 narr., 2 solo sopr., chorus, vln., vc., cb., hp. and perc. (45')
Fluano Pianute for flute and piano (15')
The Hand-Prints of Sorcerers for orchestra (11')

Love and Travel for soprano and flute (11')
Imaginary Dances for orchestra (35')
Tragicomedy for chamber orchestra (22')

Duo Concertante for violin and piano (15')

Dorian Prelude for orchestra (10')
Fantasy: Spontaneous Lines for clarinet and piano (13')

Prelude, Hymn and Toccata for solo piano (13')

Trio (Anthem) for violin, cello and piano (26')

Bling, a new musical, book and lyrics by Matthew Hardy, 2012

The Outgoing Tide, by Bruce Graham, James Christy, director, Philadelphia Theater Company, March 2012, incidental music

Orson's Shadow, by Austin Pendleton, James Christy, director, Philadelphia Theater Company, May 2007, incidental music

Nickel and Dimed, by Barbara Ehrenreich, Maria Mileaf, director, Philadelphia Theater Comapny, February 2004, incidental music

Take Me Out, by Richard Greenburg; James Christy, director; Philadelphia Theater Company, May 2005-incidental music

Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare; James Christy, director; Villanova Theatre, February 2005-songs and incidental music

Arthur’s Stone/Merlin’s Fire, by Kathryn Petersen; Abigail Adams, director; Peoples Light and Theater Company, November 2003—songs and incidental music

The Trojan Women; James Christy, director; Villanova Theater, November 2002—songs and incidental music

The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare; James Christy, director; Peoples Light and Theater Company, April 2002—songs and incidental music

Dinner with Friends, by Donald Margulies; Mary Robinson, director; Philadelphia Theater Company, October 2001—incidental music

The Laramie Project, by Moises Kauffman; James Christy, director; Philadelphia Theater Company, June 2001—incidental music

A Midsummer Night's Dream, by William Shakespeare; Christopher Grabowski, director; Yale Repertory Theater, February 1998—songs and incidental music

Pericles, by William Shakespeare; Christopher Grabowski, director; Shakespeare Santa Cruz, July 1996—songs and incidental music

Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare; Mary Robinson, director; New York University Graduate Acting Program, February 1996—songs and incidental music

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck; Mary Robinson, director; Philadelphia Drama Guild, January 1995—incidental music

Joan at the Stake, a music drama by Robert Maggio and Maggie Robbins; Christopher Grabowski, director; reading of revised partial script at New York Theater Workshop, December 1994.
premiere: West Chester University Theatre, December 1993; Bob E. Bytnar, director; Donald Nally, conductor.

Holiday Memories, by Truman Capote/stage version by Russell Vandenbroucke; Mary Robinson, director; Philadelphia Drama Guild, November 1994—incidental music

Twelve Dreams, a play by James Lapine; Roxanne Rix, director; Villanova Theater, October 1994—incidental music

The Hidden Ones, by Judy GeBauer; James J. Christy, director; Philadelphia Festival Theater for New Plays, 1994—incidental music

Voices, a performance art piece by Robert Maggio; Bob E. Bytnar, director; Donald Nally, conductor; West Chester University School of Music, 1992.

The Latent Rise of New Purity, a musical by Robert Maggio and Allan Heinberg; Christopher Grabowski, director; reading of partial script at New York Theater Workshop, October 1991.

Shakuntala, by Kalidasa; James J. Christy, director; Villanova Theater, 1990—songs and incidental music