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Community Policing

Community Policing is a philosophy in which the police are seen as members of the community, with the officers becoming an integral part of where they live and work. Police Departments that subscribe to this philosophy tend to do much more community work than traditional police departments. This often includes more police officers who "Walk the Beat" as opposed to driving around in police cars. The basic idea is to create bonds of trust and reliance between police and the community they serve.

DPS believes that this philosophy is well suited to how campus law enforcement should be conducted. While traditional law enforcement is necessary and has it's place on a college campus, the concept of community policing helps to create a campus environment that promotes safe and healthy learning in addition to promoting acceptance of responsibility for one's own actions. Community Policing at WCU began in 1991 with the creation of the Mounted Police Bicycle Patrol, the first patrol of it's kind in Pennsylvania and a means of reaching out to the University community in a more proactive way. Community Policing has now grown to include proactive programming partnerships with the greater West Chester community,  on campus collaborations with other offices to raise awareness and prevention practices in addition to the other Community Policing solutions of the past.

Community Policing Programs

Alternative Alcohol Free Events - These programs unite campus and community sponsors to provide opportunities for students to participate in fun "alcohol free" events.

Alcohol Free Event locations include; The Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride, Downingtown Bowling Palace, Wilmington Blue Hen Baseball, Philadelphia Wings Lacrosse, Indoor Paint Ball, Philadelphia Phillies Baseball, Philadelphia Kicks Indoor Soccer, Philadelphia Soul Arena Football, just to name a few...

Student Events - Before any student based event can be successful, the students who are involved need to understand the rights and responsibilities associated with hosting an event. Community Policing plays a role in this process and meets with the various student groups to review security measures provided by Public Safety.



For more information about Community Policing Programs;

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